PersonaTR History

  • March 2006, Foundation

    PersonaTR has began to his training journey as a trademark of SystemaTR Interational Certification at March 2007.

  • PersonaTR prefer to use SystemaTR International Certification Services expert lead auditors as a trainers by approving them according to Trainer Approve Procedure.

  • Please check Training Approve System procedures (ISO 10015 Compitable TAS Procedure) to find General Trainer Approvals. PersonaTR has made many internationally cooperations with international foundations and still working for new cooperations.



PersonaTR is international training body who provides internationally approved trainings according to international training and certification proces. As a result of longterm service mentality, PersonaTR aims post-training support. According to this aim PersonaTR generate certified personel questioning, facebook, twitter and online documentation services.

Unlike the other training bodies, PersonaTR is not a representative of another approved training body. PersonaTR choose to be approved with his own resources and open new representative offices at the other countries and export his own training and certification programmes.

PersonaTR is a international training body who meet with more than 30.0000 students at more than 60 universities and more than 200 academic departments.

According to ISO 19011:2004 Quality and Environmental Management Systems Audit Guidance "Continous Professional Improvement" principle, PersonaTR provide solutions to maintain personals "qualification, awareness and training" according to personal and company requirements. Our training and certification programmes are in continous improvement and redesign process according to ISO standards and EU directives. - PersonaTR Quality Policy -

We strengthen our training certification works with your support, confidence and our "Continously better, Continously to Newer" principle. "TRAIN THE WORLD".

PersonaTR Objectives and TargetsOur Mission; Training and Certification

To achive this objective, PersonaTR has been developed for transmit international know-how and experience, process again with his own resources and present them to "Special" markets. PersonaTR's target is personel who has a place in "Market Economy"

One of objectivesof PersonaTR is improve training participants "Qualification, Awareness and Training" situation as mentioned in ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Professional Applications

PersonaTR define training and certification as application which convert potential experience to qualification for everybody (worker, employee, student, manager etc.) and convert that qualification to internationally valid certificates.

Traning and certification services based on INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.